Who We Are

Susan Ray, Ed.D., co-founder and co-director of The Hub, brings 30 years of experience as a teacher and school administrator working with students from pre-school to graduate school. Dr. Ray has worked in public, private, and charter schools, and completed a fellowship in Malawi, Africa. Her work with students has included helping those two and three years behind expected performance levels to students in Special Education, to students who are gifted.

Dr. Ray holds four degrees in education:  Bachelor of Science in Education from Florida State University, a Master of Science in Education from Florida State University, a Master of Science from The College of New Rochelle, and a Doctor of Educational Administration from St. John’s University. She has done extensive research and work in school effectiveness, how students learn differently, visual-spatial learning, the importance of caring relationships in academic success, and the role of the family in student success.

Her philosophy of education is predicated on Yeats’ quote: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”. Dr. Ray believes everyone involved in any student’s education must work together to ignite that fire within, and that tapping into a student’s interests and making learning fun is crucial to academic success. Likewise, providing caring support while students take risks in learning new and challenging material is foundational to students growing and stretching academically.  Dr. Ray will serve as the Education Director for The Hub. Contact her at susan@thehublab.com

Erica Bogardus, co-founder and co-director, is a certified flight and ground instructor, and has worked in corporate aviation for over 20 years.  She is using her corporate and business experience to serve as The Hub’s Business Director.  Erica is a mom and has a vested interest in educational options.

Erica is dedicated to making The Hub a cutting-edge option that offers students and families a comfortable, inviting environment where students can do their school work, share ideas and thoughts with like-minded students, and have some relaxing fun during their “off” time.  Her ideas and creativity are making The Hub THE place for virtual school students. Contact Erica at erica@thehublab.com